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Big data geo-spatial analysis – one of the fastest growing areas in the world

The current geo-spatial market, valued at US$339Billion, is expanding at 10% per year.

IoT technology is fast multiplying points of data, driving stronger growth over the next 10 years.

Spatial data is becoming critical for effective decision making as demand for analytical tools rise.


  • Increasingly all data is spatial, doubling every 12 hours*.
  • Managers are becoming overwhelmed with the volume of data, and the inability to see a consolidated picture.
  • Most spatial solutions are silo-based and fragmented, with limited ability to integrate or interact.
  • The Internet of Things is an opportunity (better data), but also a threat (too much unfocused data). Tools enabling full IoT integration are needed.

Source: IBM https://www.futuristgerd.com/2014/07/knowledge-doubling-every-12-months-soon-to-be-every-12-hours-via-industry-tap/

The Demand:

  • A fast-growing need for current, easily accessible and consolidated data, which supports augmented decisioning

  • Efficiency – reduction of time and cost of data analysis to provide complete results.

Our Approach

The Spatial Hub Analytics® next-generation platform is being used for the commercialization of our operational  FarmMap4D® product.

New funding will support:

  • Rapid growth in deployments and profitability of FarmMap4D®
  • Development of spatial systems across other vertical markets including; property management & planning, utility management, environmental and carbon management, logistics


FarmMap4D was formed with the support from Frontier SA and AAM Pty Ltd (a major privately owned aerial survey company).

A comprehensive proving of the technology across 100+ properties covering an area of over 50 million hectares.

FarmMap4D is being regularly used by over 500 (family and corporate) grazing properties under a subscriber model for farming clients with high satisfaction and retention rates.

“If we fail to use and embrace innovation there is no way we’ll keep pace with our competitors in producing beef. And once you have a play with FarmMap4D, that’s when you’ll think, what CAN’T it do?”

Russell and family own 3 properties, with a holding of approximately 320,000 ha (791,000 acres) & 14,000 head of cattle.


Queensland, Australia


Spatial Hub Analytics combines multiple interactive layers and sources of geographical data into one simple coherent platform for analysis.


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