What we do

Specialised geo-spatial land mapping and infrastructure asset management

It is sophisticated but easy to use.

Can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Saves significant time and cost compared to using current solutions.

Products can be designed, built and deployed quickly by re-using market leading tools and capabilities.

Spatial Hub analytics is already being used in Applications with powerful analytical capabilities


FarmMap4D is the flagship product in the Rural business.

It is focused on delivering strategic solutions in the range land cattle sector. This includes the paddock fencing and boundaries plus watering points.

It enables a user to create paddock design taking into account the terrain, water and feedstock needs plus have all the data feeds available to manage land.  But we are upgrading it to include, carbon and biomass measurements.

Longer term the product will be able to link historical changes in biomass and consider the futures market for cattle price and weather and climate data to determine the possible return of buying or selling cattle at the optimum time. FarmMap is currently in the market and the next version which will contain Carbon and Biomass is due to be released in December 2021.

Click here to view the product at www.farmmap4d.com.au

FarmMap4D Lite is an easy to use mapping solution that’s also easy on the pocket. Our Lite version of the tool will allow you to map your property, giving you a user-friendly map of your place, with key landmarks such as paddock lines and infrastructure.

FarmMap4D Lite starts at just $10 per month.

Click here to view the product at www.farmmap4d.com.au/subscription-options


Property Scope

Property Scope is the flagship product in the URBAN space and is designed to assist town planners, property developers and users of urban land to better select and manage property in the urban environment.

The product is currently at MVP stage and is expected to be launched as a product very soon. This first release will cover all properties within the State of Queensland.

It is expected the product can be used to select a site for development or undertake detailed analysis of any existing or new site. In the medium term this will also include fairly accurate  3D data in major towns and cities to enable more detailed analysis to be undertaken without the need to visit a property until its necessary to get fine-detailed information.

Rural Property Product (RPP) 

In development.  This  brings together FarmMap with the SPP to develop a valuation tool as well as other features which have global appeal to anyone in the rural area – bushfires, drought, carbon.

Remote sensing may also be added to determine with some level of comfort that properties can be assessed by just using satellite data without the need to travelling to a farm to check it every few months.

This will be of most interest to hedge funds, insurance companies, government agencies, banks and larger farm management enterprises.


FarmMap4D was formed with the support from Frontier SA and AAM Pty Ltd (a major privately owned aerial survey company).

A comprehensive proving of the technology across 100+ properties covering an area of over 50 million hectares.

FarmMap4D is being regularly used by over 500 (family and corporate) grazing properties under a subscriber model for farming clients with high satisfaction and retention rates.

“If we fail to use and embrace innovation there is no way we’ll keep pace with our competitors in producing beef. And once you have a play with FarmMap4D, that’s when you’ll think, what CAN’T it do?”

Russell and family own 3 properties, with a holding of approximately 320,000 ha (791,000 acres) & 14,000 head of cattle.


Queensland, Australia


Spatial Hub Analytics combines multiple interactive layers and sources of geographical data into one simple coherent platform for analysis.


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